Alpha Call Recording

we are proud to offer Alpha call recording software that dedicated to any company that needs to record calls either for critical services with legal requirements, for operator training or just to keep track of important calls

Never miss a word.

Call Recording Software Record and archive your calls easily.

Alpha Call Recording is new solution for centralized call recording for all PBX platforms. It’s easy to use, reliable, flexible and at the right price, dedicated to any company that needs to record calls either for critical services with legal requirements, for operator training or just to keep track of important calls. It offers two recording modes: Always On, where every single call is automatically recorded with no user intervention, and On Demand, for only those conversations that need to be recorded.
Alpha Call Recording can be integrated with all PBX platforms in three ways, making it perfect for e-cloud hosted environments as well

 Call recording software . Flexible, reliable, and economical.

Always On

 Automatically record every incoming and outgoing call (with any filter you wish) on a line/location with no need for any intervention.


Record only when you need to, via conference or with a special key on your IP phone.

Easy to use.

No training is needed to record calls or to play them back on our simple app.

In your office or on the go.

 Lets you record calls from different locations using your PIN (Free Seating) and even calls received on mobile phones

Automatic archiving.

Automatically save and index your encrypted recordings on the local server or on an external NAS (crypted).

Made for all PBX.

 Uses technologies on IP telephones, Network-Based Recording of Voice Gateways and conference calls

Record calls securely and reliably, no matter where the agent is.

There are moments you don’t want to miss. Record them.

Whether your organization needs to record every call for legal reasons (emergency services, telephone orders, etc.), or you want to give your employees the option of recording important calls or to be able to playback a new salesperson or operator’s call for training, Alpha Call Recording software is the solution for you. Flexible enough to adapt to any scenario, reliable and secure as required for your calls, easy to use, and available to every one of your employees.

Even outside the office.

Alpha Call Recording Software also lets you record conversations when you’re not at your desk. With “free seating” mode, you can record a conversation by activating a conference from a different location, entering your PIN. If you need to record company calls intended for colleagues who answer from their cell phone or a phone not on the network, such as for an on-call service, you can do it automatically in Network-Based Recording mode or by triggering a conference from your mobile phone and by optionally entering a numeric PIN or User ID.

Playback whenever you want.

Search and playback your calls whenever they are saved through a simple Web interface, or quickly sign in to Jabber gadget. Receive the recording directly on your email at the end of every call, at your very convenience. In case you need to playback your recent recordings, you can also do it directly from your phone.

Save and archive your calls safely.

All the recordings are locally saved and indexed on the host company server, using the MS SQL Server database in the Suite or on any external server keeping all the security settings and conversation policy. Anyway, you can easily search your calls for any field (by date, tenant-group, agent, extension, etc..).

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