iAthan SIP Software

we are a proud to offer iAthan SIP Software program that helps you know it’s time to pray. It is a one-time program that is downloaded to your device and will remind all company employees at prayer time by calling the Tray

About Us

iAthan SIP Software is a unique Islamic program that helps you to improve the management of your organization or company, iAthan SIP Software helps you to remember prayer times and perform them whenever you sit down to perform your work and know the times of the five obligatory prayers. Phones on the network within the institution or company via voice call to remind you that the time for prayer has come to perform it. All you have to do is adjust the settings for one time and the program will automatically call to prayer at every prayer time you choose. iAthan SIP Software contains all countries of the world and their cities, the time in each city, and the time differences in all these countries

Auto Paging Software for UC

iAthan SIP Software that makes communication even easier than dialing a phone is here. We are proud to introduce iAthan SIP Software, our software that integrates Athan calculation and SIP paging capabilities

5 Easy Steps to Start iAthan SIP Software Programme

InstalliAthan SIP Software

Adjust PBX settings

Create Sip Extension

Choose the muezzin

Add your auto paging actions

Core Features

Athan Calculation

There are many obstacles to determining the correct prayer times, especially if you run a company or have a full-time job.
We are proud to introduce iAthan SIP Software, our software that integrates athan calculation and sip paging capabilities. Before iAthan SIP Software, there was nothing like it on the market. Athan is the Islamic “call to worship” and Muslims are required to pray at 5 specific times every day. These times used to be calculated based on the sun’s position, Nowadays Technology becoming a part of people’s life around the world and Muslims are among them , which facilitated our lives so much.

Unified Communication

“Most of well knows UC vendors support open sip under ‘Third-party endpoint license’.”
iAthan SIP Software built based on Sip Protocol which opens interoperability with many unified communication systems. And it registers to IP/PBX as a soft phone extension.

Thanks to our innovative software, now you can easily set reminders for accurate prayer times based on your location. The program automatically calculates the correct time for you. When it is Athan time, it will transmit a voice message over the facility audio system or the speakers on individual devices.

Public Address System

“The SIP bridge enabling businesses to extend their existing public announcement speaker system while upgrading from digital/POTs systems into SIP-based voice communication solutions.” iAthan SIP Software working smoothly which makes them an ideal solution for various sectors (i.e. Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, showrooms, workshops, and factories.)

Auto Action

iAthan SIP Software can perform auto paging and also other functions such as manual paging and timer paging


iAthan SIP Software Features
  • Paging recurrence capabilities (i.e. a certain day of the week.)
  • Paging on auto-calculated Athan time
  • Capable of paging certain Prayers each day
  • Alert option before or after Athan time
  • Option for the onetime skip of scheduled Athan page
  • Plays any Athan file or any notification message
  • Compatible with any device that is Sip capable

Unique iAthan SIP Software Software:


Prayer times reminders using SIP systems.


iAthan SIP Software automatically sounds at each prayer time.


Send iAthan SIP Software to users in your local network


More than one PBX can be added to the iAthan SIP Software program easily.


There is a screen that enables you to see all the switches inside the system to facilitate the process of managing the system


It contains prayer times for all countries of the world and their cities. After selecting the country and city, the prayer times are set automatically.


The program also contains methods for calculating prayer times adopted in the Islamic world and the ability to choose any of them.


Contains the Hijri and Gregorian calendar


Prayer times can be modified


Ease of downloading, installation and activation, and also ease of use.


Taking into account the timing and time differences in all countries


iAthan SIP Software software is compatible with all Windows operating systems for PC Windows Server, 10, 8, 7 and XP


The system includes the feature of summer and winter time.


We welcome all ideas and comments that come from you to improve the level of service quality and reach your satisfaction.


You can choose the days and prayers that you want iAthan SIP Software to remind you of.

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